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Acquire the skills you need to recruit, manage, and supervise in today's changing workplace. Attain credits and certificates towards professional accreditation and recognition that will help you grow and thrive in your career. Discover the latest legal tools and best practices that will equip you to manage effectively. Maximize your training dollars and learn at your own pace through our cost-effective multi-media CD-ROM, text-based CD-ROM and online options.

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Important Program Information FAQ's

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Registered Professional Recruiter Accreditation Program

This accreditation program consists of 3 modules which show recruiters and hiring managers how to reduce recruitment costs, lower the risk of erroneous hiring decisions and avoid needless litigation. Successful completion of all 3 Modules of this program makes you eligible for membership in the Association of Professional Recruiters of Canada APRC, with the RPR (Registered Professional Recruiter) designation. The Institute is a certified educational body registered with HRSDC, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, and offers nationally recognized accreditation programs.

Methods of study available: ALL methods are self-study. Average time for completion of the self-study (distance learning) options: 18-20 hours total, including writing the open book exam.

Online version: This version contains the core material to complete the program. Participants have only 90 days from date of purchase to the program material online and same 90 day time limit to complete the program, including writing the final self-study exam. This version cannot be printed. The online version is for personal use only and cannot be shared.

Text-Based CD-ROM version: This version contains the core material to complete the program on CD which is yours to keep, so you will continue to have access to program material. Participants have one year from date of purchase to complete the program, including writing the final self-study exam. The Text-Based CD-ROM version is for personal use only and cannot be shared.

Multi-Media Deluxe CD-ROM Version: This version contains more information than the online and Text-Based CD-ROM versions and is the preferred, most popular method of study. It also allows sharing with up to nine(9) other participants from the same organization. The package includes Multi-Media CD-ROMS, workbook and exam. Participants have one year from date of purchase to complete the program, including writing the self-study exam. The additional participants (maximum of 9) must purchase their own workbook and exam at the cost of $89.00 plus HST/GST and would share the Multi-Media CD-ROM package. The additional participants can order workbooks and exams as required and have one year from their date of purchase to complete the program.

For program completion information, see Frequently Asked Questions

Module 1
Reduce the Cost of Hiring
Standardize your recruitment practices

Anyone can spend time and money recruiting but it takes expertise to turn a 'hit and miss' approach into a comprehensive project plan that saves time and money through the gathering and interpreting of recruitment statistics. Generating and screening a candidate base doesn't have to be a headache if you follow a few proven guidelines.

Module 2
Improve Hiring Accuracy
Lower the risk of bad hiring decisions

All job applicants will tell you why you should hire them and they will present only the positive aspects of their backgrounds in the interview. But it takes expertise to discover why they shouldn't be hired. Conducting the interview is truly an art. It can be learned through a series of simple steps yet provide you with a powerful set of interview tools.

Module 3
Avoid Needless Litigation
Know and understand employment law

Recruiting and hiring takes place in a rigorous legal environment. Employment Acts and Codes have a direct impact on the way you recruit and these rules and regulations change frequently. In addition, the courts see employment contractually and employees can sue for damages. You will have to know and
understand these laws and apply them rigorously to your recruitment plans and strategies.


What You'll Learn

Acquire the skills to analyze jobs and write comprehensive descriptions

Learn about Internet recruiting and résumé screening and tracking systems

Improve the power of your recruitment advertising to attract the best applicants

Discover fast and defendable methods to short-list internal and external résumés and justify who gets the interview

Find out how exit interviews are an advantage to the organization and a validation of recruitment practices

Learn how to easily prepare recruitment statistics to save time, effort and money

Discover the deficiencies of the traditional interview

Acquire the skills to ensure you are hiring only those applicants who "fit" your organization

Learn how to develop behavioural interview questions

Find out how to develop interview questions to assess competencies

Discover the six powerful steps for conducting an objective interview

Acquire the skills to interpret and score applicant responses

Learn how to document your preference of one applicant over another and defend your selection decisions

Learn how to conduct reference checks without fear of libel or slander

Acquire the skills to avoid needless lawsuits, contract disputes and grievances

Find out why probationary employees can successfully sue their employers

Discover the grounds leading to wrongful and constructive dismissals and improve discipline policies

Profit from an analysis of labour laws and employment standards

Find out how to comply with health & safety and workers' compensation laws

Maximize your knowledge of human rights and Employment Equity

How to Buy
This program is made available using different delivery media:
Select an Option

Shipping & Handling Flat Fee: $18.00 plus HST/GST will be added to all Multi-Media CD-ROM, Workbooks and Text-Based CD-ROM orders for IPM programs. Additional shipping charges will apply to orders shipped outside of Canada.

Multi-Media Deluxe CD-ROM Version: includes three(3) CD-ROMS, participant workbook and exam. The complete package costs $945.00 plus GST/HST.

Technical requirements: Windows Media Player (standard with Windows Operating Systems), CD-ROM drive and a sound card. Multi-Media CD-ROM programs are NOT compatible with Mac OS.

Text-Based CD-ROM Version of the complete program costs $735 plus GST/HST. For personal use only, no sharing is permitted.

Technical requirements: Internet Explorer version 6 or higher required.

Online Version of the complete program costs $685 plus GST/HST. Cost for any individual module is $309 plus GST/HST. Based on individual use only (no sharing). All program material and exam included online.

NOTE: All orders processed within 5 business days of receipt of payment with order form.

For additional information on program completion, see Frequently Asked Questions