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The Personal HR Touch

Itís easy to have an organizational Human Resources section that looks after the needs of all employees. But itís much more difficult to create and maintain an HR department that adapts its programs and services to meet the needs of every individual in the company. But thatís what personalization in the Human Resources field means. It is communicating and delivering services on a unique and personalized basis that treats a worker as a person and not just a badge number on their employee id card. Is it easy? No. Is it worth it? Yes. That; why treating employees as people and as individuals and not as part of a pre-determined group or segment is one of the most important long-term trends happening in Human Resources...

A Clear Path to Success
We all need goals to help us make progress. Thatís true in all parts of our life, but for an organization, those goals take on an additional significance. They set the path forward for the company and its employees...

9 Ways to Strengthen Resilience
In Japan, the Daruma Doll is a good luck charm with a rounded bottom. When knocked down, it bounces back upright. This ability to bounce back is a symbol of perseverance and good luck. ..

Employer-Employee Relations Grow Stronger, Even Amid Covid-19
While Canadians may be isolated and "socially distanced" from their employers and co-workers due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a new study shows that the shared experience is bringing them closer together.


Minister Tassi Statement to Workers and Employers during the COVID-19 Crisis

PM Announces Expanded Access to Canada Emergency Response Benefit and Support for Essential Workers

Canadaís Unions Applaud Expansion of Income Supports

COVID-19 Guidance for High-Risk and Essential Workplaces

Will COVID-19 Impair the Availability and Quality of Labour Statistics?



BC: Temporary Foreign Workers Self-Isolating in Government-Managed Accommodations

AB: Gov't Launches Online Resource Strengthen Food Supply Chain and Fill Agriculture Jobs

AB: Gov't Allocates $2 billion from the 2020 Capital Plan all to get Thousands of Albertans Back to Work

MB: Gov't to Provide Greater Support and Job Projection for those Impacted by COVID-19

ON: Gov't Appoints Team to Develop Plan for Post-Pandemic Growth and Prosperity

NB: Financial Support for Impacted Workers and Businesses

NS: Measures to Help Citizens, Businesses Affected by COVID-19

PE: Gov't Announces Additional Income Relief

NF: Urgent Legislative Sitting Supports Social and Economic Well-Being of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians

This Month
Sorry, Not Sorry
Saying sorry isnít always easy to do, but it may be the thing that saves you and your job in the end.

The Personal Human Resources Touch
Creating a happier workplace through personalization.
A Clear Path to Success
Like markers on the highway they can track your progress and tell you where you need to make adjustments.

Disabled Employee Not Entitled to Extended Notice
A man could not collect extended notice because he became disabled during the notice period and could not have worked.
Employers Obligated to Do Safety Inspections Only in Spaces They Control
A unionís complaint that its employer didnít inspect every place employees work was quashed by the Supreme Court of Canada.
Canadian Employers Can Be Liable for Foreign Human Rights Violations
The Supreme Court of Canada has found that Canadian companies may be liable for human rights violations at their foreign locations.

Improve Gender Equity to Improve the Bottom Line
New research brings encouraging and actionable news about equality in the workplace.
Bounce Back: 9 Ways to Strengthen Resilience
Bouncing back is vital to getting through these tough times.

Shop Talk
Employer-employee Relations Grow Stronger, Even Amid Covid-19 Job Losses: Study
Canadians report closer relationships with employers, with high levels of satisfaction and trust.
Working through COVID-19: How are Organizations Accommodating Employees Who Need Flexibility?
Three out of four organizations are thinking ahead and are either developing or considering developing a long-term plan for employees struggling to balance work demands and family responsibilities.

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