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Learner-Centered Training

Learner-centred training allows employees to control their own online learning experience. They are provided with a menu of options and can learn at their own speed and whenever it meets their personal or professional timeline. Many organizations favour this approach because it gives their staff the opportunity to take a more active role in their training and development while still having the support of online professionals if they need or want it.

Preventing Workplace Violence
Over the last decade, the definition of workplace violence has expanded to include not only physical violence such as hitting or threats of physical violence but also psychological harassment and cyberbullying.

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Leadership is an Inside Job
You can’t impassion others about their work unless and until you’re impassioned about yours. Creating leadership energy is an inside job. The spark that ignites the leadership energy you bring to your team or organization comes from within you.

Virtual Presence for Leaders
Being perceived as a leader is the essence of leadership presence. While leaders often focus on enhancing their presence in face-to-face encounters, they need a different set of skills to project presence when communicating virtually



Expert Panel to Provide Advice on Complex Workplace Issues Facing Canadians

Workers' Health and Safety at the Heart Of Discussions Between Federal, Provincial and Territorial Labour Ministers

Fed. Gov't. Funds Innovative Project to Help More Women Succeed in the Skilled Trades

New Five-week Employment Insurance Parental Sharing Benefit Coming Soon



BC: WorkBC Improvements Help People Get Training, Find Good Jobs

AB: Wellness Leaders are Best Employers, 'Alberta's Top Employers' for 2019

SK: Six Consecutive Months Of Job Growth In Saskatchewan

MB: Governments Invest More Than $1 Million for Farm Safety

ON: Prov. Gov't Helps Connect Job-Seekers and Employers

NB: Fed. Gov't Provides Skills Training and Job Opportunities for Young NBers

NS: New Program to Help Young Adults Get Jobs

NL: Prov. Gov’t. Invites Applications for Summer Student Employment Programs

NL: Prov. Gov’t Invites Applications for Job Creation Partnerships

This Month
Why We’ll Always Need Managers
Only humans truly understand other people. Not machines, or computers or algorithms.

Maybe the Best Way to Learn: Learner-Centered Training
The collaboration aspect of learner-centred training is a direct benefit for learners and the company.
Tactics for Preventing Workplace Violence
According to Statistics Canada, one in five violent incidents in Canada occur in the workplace.

Executive Terminated After Spat with President Is Awarded 30 Months’ Notice
“[I]t is difficult to understand how management allowed such a minor dispute to escalate,” the judge wrote.
Nurse Who Stole Opioids Ordered Reinstated
She had an addiction and therefore a disability, which the employer did not accommodate, an arbitrator found.
Tribunal Dismisses Discrimination Claim by Indigenous Intern
There was no chance his claims of racism would succeed at a hearing, a human rights tribunal found.

Creating Leadership Energy is an Inside Job
You can’t impassion others about their work unless and until you’re impassioned about yours.
Evolve or dissolve: Economic reality check for Canadian CEOs
Amid protectionism and trade concerns, Canadian CEOs are looking inward for growth opportunities.

Shop Talk
Virtual Presence for Leaders
A communication channel becomes richer as you add human elements.
Poor Working Conditions are Main Global Employment Challenge
Poor quality employment is the main issue for global labour markets, with millions of people forced to accept inadequate working conditions.

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