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Creating a Digital Workplace

There are many different definitions of a digital or smart workplace. One of the best says that a digital workplace is just the latest evolution of a workplace where people and technology interact. It takes in all of the gadgets and tools and technologies that help us work and it reflects how we are trying to keep working smarter and even faster all the time. A smart workplace is not also not just about one technology or platform, but how we and they interact and work together in the modern workplace. The best part about a digital workplace is that it can be tailored to meet both individual and collective needs and serve what a company or organization needs to be today and what it would like to be tomorrow.

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Healthy for a Month, Heathly for Always
Many Canadian organizations and businesses are focused on creating safe and healthy workplaces for their employees. Some of them have joined together to devote a whole month of the year to doing just that.

Workers Give the Boss High Marks
Workers in a recent survey cast a vote of confidence for executives leading their firms. 3/4 of Canadian professionals polled feel at least somewhat confident in the ability of senior management to provide sound financial stewardship.

The Art of Following Up
Submitting application materials and waiting to hear back from a prospective employer can be just as nerve-wracking as the interview itself. But should job seekers follow up with hiring managers, and if so, when?


Canada Employment Insurance Commission Announces 2018 EI Premium Rate and Maximum Insurable Earnings

Call for Proposals for Sectoral Labour Market Information Launched

Fed. Gov’t. Launches Student Work Placements to Help 60,000 Post-Secondary Students Over the Next 5 Years

Employment Increase Continues String of Good Economic News

Law Professor Wins Gold Medal for Research on Workers’ Rights

Canadian Employees in Line For Another 2.8% Pay Raise In 2018, Survey

ITAC Launches Career Ready Program, With Government of Canada Funding, To Help SME’s Access Post-Secondary Work-Term Students

Powerful Global Coalition to Boost Equal Pay For Women At Work



NU: Territorial Premiers Release New Vision for Sustainable Development

BC: Prov. Celebrated Disability Employment Month in September

ON: New Program Helps Ontario Business Connect with the Right Talent

ON: $760 Million to Remain In the Ontario Economy Following Latest WSIB Rate Cut

ON: Prov. Boosting Safety for Workers

NB: Province to Host Job Fairs to Boost Labour Force

PE: Input Sought On Minimum Wage Review

This Month
You Can Count on It
If you are a manager or supervisor, your accountability should not be only to your corporate leadership.

Going Smarter at Work: Bridging the Digital Divide
Companies that have invested in creating a smart digital workplace are already beginning to see the dividends in productivity, innovation, collaboration, and overall employee satisfaction.
Going Healthy for a Month. Going Healthy All Year
Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month provides a central hub where businesses and companies can share best practices and highlight their successes in promoting and achieving healthy workplaces.

Labourer Failed to Mitigate Damages by Seeking Career Change
“A dismissed employee ought not to have a ‘free pass’ to change careers” and collect damages, a judge wrote.
Dishonesty Alone Does Not Justify Termination, Arbitrator Finds

Canadian Human Rights Act Now Protects Gender Identity in Federal Employers
The federal law has been brought into line with the human rights codes in the provinces and territories.

Should You 'Friend' Your Coworkers?
Many employees think it's ok to connect with colleagues on social media, but not all managers agree.
Workers Give the Boss High Marks
Survey: Most Canadian professionals confident in company leaders' stewardship.

Shop Talk
Workplace Culture And Career Progression Outshine Paycheque In Evolving Canadian Workforce
Survey finds 74% of Canadians willing to take a pay cut for their ideal job.
The Art of Following Up
100% of Canadian hiring managers encourage checking up on job applications.

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